For 24 hours on Sep 29th - Sep 30th, ImplementAI will have 100 participants collaborate and build applications around the latest technology AI has to offer. The hackathon will bring together researchers from the leading AI companies in the Montreal AI ecosystem, companies and students to explore the implementation of novel technologies. It goes without saying, there will be free food, crazy swag, workshops, a LOT of computational resources (GPU$), awesome prizes and more food (did I say food yet?). Whether you're an AI novice or veteran, you'll be given the tools and guidance to develop your skills and leave this hackathon with a better understanding of AI applications :)


The hackathon is open to all students!

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$1,560 in prizes

First Prize

Altair UDI AA818 Plus, The Hornet Drone with Wifi Camera, Altitude Hold

Second Place

Google DayDream VR headset

Third Place

Experience at MontVR

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How to enter

The application is currently closed. 


Maggie Zhang

Maggie Zhang

Priya Sidhaye

Adam Mizzi

Adam Mizzi

Brian Cann

Christine Yu

Christine Yu

Arthur Prats Ladous

Judging Criteria

  • Artificial Intelligence
    The relevancy and use of artificial intelligence in the project.
  • Technicality
    The completeness and functionality of the project, and the relevancy of the resources utilized to accomplish the goal of the project.
  • Originality
    A project that hasn’t been done before, or doesn’t currently exist. The project addressing a new or unsolved problem, or creating unique solution to an existing problem.
  • Presentation
    Was the product presented in a clear and concise way?
  • User Experience
    The user experience and flow of the project is pleasant and delightful.
  • Social Good
    Does the project contribute to the greater good of society? Is it accessible to those from different backgrounds and those with physical or mental disabilities?

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